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The Community Guidelines below should help you understand how to act within the community and help you understand what to expect from others. Your participation here is subject to these Community Guidelines. The language used in this Community is English.


Be respectful: We are all Lighting Lovers! All of us come from diverse backgrounds, and we celebrate that here in this forum. That being said, please treat your fellows with kindness and respect. This is a welcoming community, and we must make it a priority to keep these forums safe spaces where everyone feels comfortable. No name-calling or offensive behavior is allowed. 

Engage with the community: Our moderators will post helpful content, but we really want to learn and hear from you. Have a look around to see if there’s a place where you can add your opinion and expertise to an existing conversation. Or, if you would like to start your own topic, please jump in! Please note that the official community language is English. 

Search first, ask second: We have a lot of experts in all areas in this community who are happy to share. Before asking a question or starting a new topic, make sure you have searched the forum to see if the question has been answered in the past. Moreover, when you search for anything, you will also see Q&A results. If after your initial search you still have not found what you’re looking for, feel free to start the conversation. 

Be patient: If you have asked a question in one location and it has not been answered right away, be patient. Please do not ask the same question in multiple locations. 

Share your own content: We want to learn from you, but if you share content created by someone else, give them credit.  

Protect everyone’s privacy, including your own: Sharing is great, but make sure that you remember everything you share is public for all to see. Also, don’t share any personal information about others without their consent.

No soliciting: We are not here to sell products or services. Posts with the explicit intent to sell a product or services will be removed. 

Support: We want our community to be the best place to ask questions and give feedback. DIALux employees will participate, but please note that they are not always the primary responders, as we would like you to learn from one another. We will jump in and answer a question if no answer has been provided within a certain time frame of when the initial question was posted. If you are looking for official support, please contact our Support