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Welcome to DIALux Community

The Community is the place to ask questions, find answers, learn from experts and share your knowledge.


This is the place where you can directly get in touch with the DIALux staff and interact with other lighting designers.

Get support, share your projects, discuss new trends and learn from other lighting experts.
We will keep you updated on upcoming features, current development and user stories from all over the world.

Attention! You can register here with your DIALux ID. If you have already registered before October 2022, you will be asked to add your first name. After that you will be automatically redirected to the DIALux Community.

ย Feel free to contribute and be part of the community ๐Ÿ˜Š

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Welcome to DIALux Community

Connect, share, and engage with community and build relationships.

This is an invitation-only community.

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Getting started

If this is your first time visiting the DIALux Community you've come to the right place. Provide images, videos, or links to support your post!
Note: This is not a space to promote, but to share your experiences, questions and get feedback from others.

Get support

You have a question about using DIALux evo? Ask the community or our Support Team.

Your feedback

We keep you updated about current developments and user storys. Let us now whats on your mind. We are happy about your contribution.


Give us an insight in your lighting design und share your projects with us. We are more then curious to see what you have designed with DIALux evo.

Lighting knowledge

We are happy to discuss various topics about lighting design with you. Get in touch with the DIALux Trainers and tell us your opinion about trends or struggles in lighting design.

Get help with a project

You need support with a DIALux evo project? No problem!
We connect you with lighting design experts from our DIALux community, who perfectly fit to your needs.

Learn DIALux & Lighting Design

    Expert for Lighting Design Learn to design perfect light

    Our hybrid seminar focuses on light. You learn to analyse architecture, to consider the utilization of the space and human needs and to design optimal lighting.

    DIALux evo for Advanced Learners

    Do you already have a basic knowledge of DIALux evo or have you already booked the online course DIALux evo for beginners? Then, you can deepen your knowledge with the second part of our online training.

    Emergency Lighting with DIALux evo

    This is a online course for emergency lighting calculation according to EN 1838 with more than 80 minutes of video training. The trainer accompanies you from the inserting of the emergency calculation objects to the placing of emergency luminaires, calculation and output.