How to create a good IFC file

The IFC file format offers flexibility for describing buildings and equipment, but errors and inaccuracies can complicate Open BIM workflows.
DIALux evo faces challenges in importing IFC models due to size limitations and construction rule violations, impacting data quality. To enhance successful imports, IFC models should include key elements like building, storeys, walls, windows, doors, and roof constructions in a single file.

DIALux evo supports IFC 2x3 and partial IFC 4 formats. However, merging IFC files may be necessary. The accuracy of IFC models is crucial, with considerations for wall connections, accurate positioning, and consistent assignments. Failure to adhere to these standards can lead to performance issues, recognition problems, and visualization issues in DIALux.

Key tips for creating compatible IFC models include ensuring accurate geometry:

  • Open BIM with IFC relies on the virtual construction of a building and requires the same level of accuracy as a real construction.

  • Walls should not float, but should be constructed to butt joints with the floor and ceiling. (accurate to the millimetre)

  • Walls that touch should also be constructed to butt joints. If there are gaps, these are also imported and displayed as such (accurate to the millimetre)

  • Components that penetrate other components or protrude into them are imported and displayed by DIALux in this way

  • Windows and doors are usually located in exterior or interior walls. The required wall opening can thus be reliably determined.

  • Storey floors or ceilings should be defined

  • The assignment of building part and topology should be consistent. For example, windows that are physically located on storey 3 should not be assigned to storey 1 in the IFC model. Such incorrect assignments are very common. We suspect that this happens when drawing the model. Whenever objects are supposedly displayed incorrectly, this may be due to their assignment. It often turns out that the physical position does not match the topological position.

In cases where IFC models cannot be imported despite following guidelines, reducing complexity by deselecting specific elements or using export settings like BREP geometry and multi-layer construction in CAD programs can help.

You can find a detailed article with further tips and continuous updates in our Knowledge Base. Bookmark it so that you don't miss any updates.
Requirements for a good IFC import : Knowledge Base DIALux evo

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