Outlook of DIALux evo 12.1: We help you to be more productive

After our recent update, the team is already busy developing the next version of DIALux evo. They are focusing greatly on the most requested features from the DIALux Community in the Space “Feature Upvote”. Thank you for your contribution. We encourage you to continue utilizing this function to actively participate in the ongoing development of DIALux.
We are currently working on features with the status "in beta" and "in progress". An overview with details can be found below:

-          Showcase of the quantity of selected luminaires

-          DWG/DXF-plans in the sideview

-          Customizeable false color scales that can be saved

-          Preset for the reflectance factors for lowered ceilings and other room elements

-          Selection of multiple zones and working planes

-          Work faster in the side views due to improved copy and paste operations

-          15% rule for wall zone according to EN 12464-1 added

We keep you updated on our progress and more features to come. The release for DIALux evo 12.1 is currently planned for Q1 2024.  Please understand that exact dates are difficult to provide, as there may be unforeseen events during the development process. In the meantime, we welcome your input in the Feature Upvote and would appreciate any feedback you may have.


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