DIALux evo 12.1 update

We have recently informed you about the new functions in DIALux evo 12.1, you can find the article here. In the meantime, a few more functions and improvements have been added on top that we want to share with you. 

  • Drag and Drop for DWG files on the start screen

  • Quickly select or deselect all layers for the DWG import

  • Quick access to the offered services (catalogues, inquiries) of all DIALux members in the luminaire tool

  • Tool support for identifying luminaires that are not assigned to a light scene. This is very practical if you have a lot of luminaires and work with different light scenes.

  • Company logo in the table of contents page

  • Name of the editor on the cover page

  • Report rendering time accelerated by up to 50% when using A4 paper size. The acceleration varies from project to project.

  • Resolved a performance issue in the energy calculation according to EN 15193. In larger projects for example this led to slow view changes.

  • Resolved a performance issue that made loading projects and the IFC import unnecessarily slow. We have identified further potential for upcoming releases.

Exclusively for DIALux Pro 

  • Update for the DIALux Layout Editor. Many annoying usability issues have been fixed to make it easier to create your own layouts.

  • Drag and Drop for IFC files on the start screen

  • Improved import of colour materials from the IFC model

  • With IFC models, the planar floor element for the terrain is no longer generated automatically. Light wells for basements are therefore no longer covered.

In addition to all the items we will be releasing in DIALux evo 12.1, we are also working on a major Open BIM update for DIALux Pro. We will be providing you with new information in January. This much we can already reveal. The next big BIM update will be about speed, stability and better 3D views when working with large IFC projects.

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